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Our Program

Delhaize Group’s core value of integrity is foundational to our Compliance and Ethics program. Acting with integrity and promoting an ethical culture is the responsibility of each and every associate. We refer to this responsibility as “the right way, every day.” Our Compliance and Ethics program is mainly based on Delhaize Group’s Guide for Ethical Business Conduct, which is supported by our reporting system “I Share Network” for Delhaize Group associates to report issues or concerns related to the Guide for Ethical Business Conduct or other legal obligations of the Company.

To learn more about our Compliance and Ethics Program:

The Delhaize Group Private Brand Suppliers’ Code of Conduct

Delhaize Group believes a sustainable business needs a sustainable supply chain that is underpinned by decent working conditions for those involved in the manufacture and supply of our private brand products. Products may come with the risk of being grown or manufactured under poor working conditions, particularly if they are sourced from countries with weak labor protections. Our responsibility lies in confirming that our suppliers meet acceptable standards and that they, in turn, are managing a supply chain with decent working conditions, in compliance with laws and protecting the environment.

To be consistent across the Group in our expectations of private brand suppliers related to working conditions, Delhaize Group enforces a common legal document (the “Private Brand Suppliers’ Code of Conduct” ) explaining our minimum requirements for working conditions. This document is appended to our private brand supply contracts.

European Supply Chain Initiative

Delhaize Group promotes fair business practices throughout all its business activities. As a result, Delhaize Group is a proud member of the European Supply Chain Initiative (the “Initiative”). 

The Initiative requires Delhaize Group to provide other members of the Initiative with an opportunity to choose among several dispute resolution systems identified in the Initiative, including an internal dispute resolution. Bilateral contractual terms with another member of the Initiative will not prejudice the availability of these dispute resolution options.

Accordingly - if your company is also a member of the Initiative - your contact for internal dispute resolution matters or for questions regarding Delhaize Group’s participation to the Initiative, is the Office of Compliance & Ethics, e-mail (

To learn more about the European Supply Chain Initiative, please consult the official website:

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