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Corporate Governance

Delhaize Group strives to continually earn investor confidence by being a leader in good corporate governance, complying with the law wherever it operates and providing clear, consistent and transparent communication about its strategy and performance. Upholding this commitment is in line with our high ethical standards and is important for our continued success.

Delhaize Group follows the corporate governance principles described in the 2009 Belgian Code on Corporate Governance and adopted this 2009 Code as its reference Code. The 2009 Belgian Code on Corporate Governance replaces the previous version from 2004. The Belgian Corporate Governance Committee has aligned the Code with the recent evolutions of Belgian law, European recommendations and international practices.

This section of our website will keep you up to date with the most important documents related to Corporate Governance at Delhaize Group:

  • The Delhaize Group Corporate Governance Statement contains comprehensive and factual information on our corporate governance, including changes in the Company’s corporate governance structure together with relevant recent events.
  • The Delhaize Group Corporate Governance Charter describes the main aspects of our corporate governance and sets forth the rules and policies of the company that together with applicable law constitute the governance framework within which the company operates.
  • Delhaize Group has set up a Remuneration Report  as a well defined part of its Corporate Governance Statement to provide all its stakeholders with consistent and transparent information on executive compensation.

Guide for ethical business conduct:

This guide for ethical business conduct provides a statement of our position on various ethical and compliance issues that could impact our business and summarizes a number of Delhaize Group policies that must guide our actions.

We also expect our franchisees, vendors and outside consultants such as business, financial, technical or legal advisors to be guided by these standards. Ultimately, the guide serves to make good decisions and conduct business ethically.

Disclosure Policy

Delhaize Group commits to providing timely, transparent, consistent and accurate information to the public in line with legal and regulatory requirements and its Disclosure Policy.

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